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Color Management and its benefits

The management and monitoring systems are key elements for a perfect workflow. The color management ensures that the print machine is perfectly configured with regard to color shade and saturation. A fast preparation with increased productivity and reduced costs are the profits. BST eltromat allows to inspect the set-up of the machine and the subsequent production, even while the printer is running. This solution is efficient and brings 100% inspection at any time.

 Our quality assurance and technical support

We ensure to provide help with every product bought on BST eltromat. There are provided a lot of services by BST eltromat, which include a widespread technical support. Highly qualified technicians and engineers help customers with repairs and troubleshooting. The support comes from 15 countries on six continents with more than 80 engineers to ensure that no time gets waisted with waiting. Beside the technical support it is an option to book a training course for your company. With that service, it is possible to make all the employees of your company familiar with the functions of machines.

The importance of web guiding

BST eltromat is a company with long tradition and much experience manufacturing quality assurance systems for web processing industries. The range of services is wide and comprises among others printing, converting, automation, color management and measurement, register control, web guiding and training courses. The web guiding system leads to precise and satisfying outcome. It controls the current position of the material web with one or more sensors. If the actual position is not equivalent to the target position, then the actuator corrects the position of the material web with almost no delay.


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