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Enjoy your stay at hotel Val Passiria

The Val Passiria Hotel offers a lot of spa and wellness opportunities. The beauty treatments are multifarious and divided in beauty for kids and adults. An extensive massage brings back a lot of energy. Some people like to sit in the sauna and feel their skin in a completely new way. For guests, who like to do fitness, the hotel provides a well-equipped gym. The opportunities in the Stroblhof are nearly infinite.

Four-star vacation with the Val Passiria hotel

At Hotel St. Leonhard, you will get the perfect combination of four-star hotel experience and family tradition. It is placed in the Passeiertal and only 20 minutes away from Merano. The hotel is surrounded by diverse nature and has its own special atmosphere. It has a long tradition and is a family-operated company. The main guidelines are hospitality, helpfulness and pleasure. The vacation in South Tyrol is an enjoyment for the entire family. There is a comprehensive entertainment program for the children. Kids and teens can stay in the childcare and meet other children. The hotel has an equestrian farm, where guests can learn horse-riding. This will be a wonderful memory.

Val Passiria Hotel hiking paths

If you like hiking, the Val Passiria Hotel is the right choice for you.  All around the Passeier valley, there are a lot of mountains. Most of the trails are well signposted, so that climbers and hikers can enjoy their trips to the top of the hills. If the vacationers like bicycling, they can use one of the numerous bikeways in Val Passiria. More activities you can do in the active family spa resort Stroblhof are golfing and play tennis.

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