Veröffentlicht am von Toploversex in Allgemein.


People of every age group will please themselves in different ways. For example, in early childhood, children can obtain pleasure and satisfaction by sucking their mother’s nipples, defecating, pinching or rubbing their legs. In sexually mature youth, proper masturbation is not only harmless, but has many benefits to the body: masturbation with sex toy for woman can help us better understand our body, improve sleep quality, and promote the secretion of estrogen. At the same time, when masturbating, the body releases dopamine and oxytocin, which can lead to more positive emotions and help relieve depression for at least 24 hours.

Not only that, but a study published in the journal Social Open Science showed that compared with women who had sex on a monthly basis. Women who had sex every week had a 28% lower risk of menopause. Women who had sex at least once a month were 19 percent less likely to enter menopause than women who had sex less than once a month. That is to say, for single people: proper vibrator masturbation can really delay aging. However, the focal point of the girl’s confusion is the word „too often“. As the saying goes, „more is not enough“.

Anything that is good for your physical and mental health is sure to have a negative impact on your body. However, since everyone’s physical condition and libido level are different, there is no specific standard for how often or how many times.

Some people, after masturbation, may feel tired, backache, lower abdominal pain, may have a small amount of bleeding (small amount of bleeding caused by endometrial contractions, as long as it is less than menstrual flow) or increased secretions. If sanitation and cleaning are not done well, vaginitis and urinary tract infections may also occur. However, in most cases, nearly 70% of people are able to control their dildo masturbation behavior and make reasonable arrangements. As long as they feel comfortable and do a good job of cleaning and protection, it will not have much impact on the body.


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