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The first question you need to ask yourself is why aren’t my lights working? It is of utmost importance that you verify the IP rating of your LED vapor tight flood lights before you get them. The “I” in IP refers to the protection level the light’s enclosure. It protects its internal components against solid particles. The letter “P” refers to the ability to protect its internal components against water.

Have you had work done around your property recently? Was your gardener working in the yard the day before you first noticed your lights stopped working? The IP rating ensures that specific lights can be used without becoming a safety hazard to the users. A light’s IP rating reflects its suitability for outdoor or indoor use. With a team of expert outdoor lighting technicians, it is 100% possible to get a decrepit lighting system working again.

Sometimes the reason a lighting system experiences issues can be a direct cause and effect from work that’s been done around your property. Waterproof lighting is essential for light fixtures exposed to moisture, water, dust or oil. Light fixtures in commercial refrigeration will face condensation, wet conditions, and extreme cold. When we investigated, it had turned out the wires to this light had been cleanly cut and completely removed.

Sometimes repairing a landscape lighting system can be done quickly and effectively when it’s just a light or two out. Lights installed in warehouses have pollution and dusty environments that could cause damage. But when the entire lighting system is fundamentally flawed and set up for failure, the only way to fix your landscape lights, really fix them, it to replace your system with a new one that is built to last.


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