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You might be asking yourself what the best option for your landscape lighting design project might be; is there a benefit to one approach over the other? Hundreds of sporting arenas and stadiums across the country have already begun retrofitting their facilities with LED lights. And they’re saving money by making this switch. Approaching lighting this way allows for a beautiful and natural feel. LED Pixel lights replace traditional metal halide bulbs and help the players as well as the fan experience.

When I go to create an outdoor lighting proposal for a perspective client, rarely will the client tell me that the price of the project is not a concern. The new LED lights are likely to operate for more than 100,000 hours, while significantly improving player and fan experience and completely eliminating the traditional twenty minute warm-up period characteristic of metal halide bulbs. When it comes to a landscape lighting project, having a budget in mind will help you make decisions.

One of the major benefits of Outdoor LED lighting is the system efficiency measured in foot candles. Just as landscapes can differ, an individual’s tastes and priorities when it comes to lighting effects and enhancements will also differ. In addition to parking lots, LED technology can be used to improve and enhance the lighting around dorms, classrooms, and other buildings. To better understand some of these priorities, as well as the costs, let’s first identify what options a home owner may consider important to incorporate and focus on in their personalized lighting design.

LEDs have an extremely long lifespan relative to every other lighting technology. There are a number of options for an outdoor lighting system’s control . LEDs are extremely energy efficient relative to every other commercially available lighting technology. There are various ways that your lighting can be controlled, picking the right one for your system is important. In addition to the major advantages, LED lights also offer several smaller perks.


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