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I won’t go into details about normal hotels, but local homestays with Moroccan characteristics are a sight to behold. It is said that more than half of the world’s most popular homestays are in Morocco. Generally speaking, the words Riad or Dar appear in the name of the homestay. In terms of pure architectural classification, Riad means garden in Arabic and Dar means courtyard.
Riad is a traditional Moroccan house, many of which have a history of hundreds of years. The gate is small and there is a cave inside. Provides 4-6 rooms of different sizes, the owners are mostly elegant gentlemen or ladies, and the breakfast is exquisite.
Dar is a Moroccan B&B. It means that the tiled, beautifully decorated courtyard, and even a small fountain are generally exquisitely designed and mixed with many local cultures. It is also an quintessential embodiment of Moroccan culture.
However, in reality, regardless of the definition of Riad or Dar, most homestays call themselves Riad, and there is no strict distinction. For this trip, I only booked the accommodation when I was about to leave. Many online celebrity shops had no rooms, so I chose the accommodation I liked as much as possible, and the appearance of staying here is also very good.

1. Riad
The Riad in the old city of Marrakech is different from the green, blue and white tone of some Internet celebrity hotels. Here it is mainly red and white, which is commensurate with the red city.
2. Dar
Ouarzazate lives in Dar, a three-story building with a very distinctive interior decoration. In the morning light, breakfast is served on the top floor, overlooking the royal city, which is unique.

3. Hotel
The hotel in the old city where I lived in Tangier, although it is a hotel, is also full of exotic style. After breakfast in the hollow lobby of the hotel, I went to the top floor to look out. In that day, the days seemed extraordinarily calm.

4. Camp
The tent camp in the Sahara desert is a special place, divided into ordinary tents and luxury tents. The tent camp we live in is in good condition. Each tent has its own bathroom and bathroom. The tents are not much different from ordinary hotels. Breakfast and dinner are also relatively rich. After the bonfire party at night, you can look at the starry sky and have a sweet dream in the yellow sand all over the sky.



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