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When it comes to our healthy behaviors – diet, sleep, exercise, etc. – many of us know what we should do, but it is usually difficult to do so well. If you’re like me, I know I should sleep for seven to eight hours, but sometimes (well, often) I think staying up late to watch Netflix would be great. I know I shouldn’t have eaten a second dessert, but the part of my cognitive brain that I often tell me is quiet for a best standing desk when I eat.
When people are mired in behaviors that harm their health, the distance between what we know and what we feel may be an absolute gap. For example, all smokers know that smoking is harmful, but the difficulty of quitting largely depends on how smoking makes people feel in their daily lives.

Improving cardiovascular health and weight regulation

If the promotion so far is not enough to convince you how standing desks can contribute to various aspects of overall well-being, let’s delve deeper into stand up desk.


36% of Americans are in a dangerous state of obesity. That is an epidemic, and it is a pathological epidemic. Standing and exercising more can significantly reduce weight gain, while circulating flow can lead to increased calorie burning. With all circulation, metabolism begins to work, leading to faster food digestion and lower cholesterol levels, thereby reducing obesity.

Heart disease

Lack of exercise can put you at high risk of heart attack and cardiovascular disease – this is an ugly fact. The World Health Organization advocates positive behaviors to fight obesity and coronary heart disease in the form of height adjustable desk and exercise. Increased circulation is unlikely to cause coagulation or blockage.

Blood sugar and diabetes

A comprehensive study by Occupational&Environmental Medicine found that those who stood for several hours instead of sitting still at work had a 43% decrease in blood sugar fluctuations. This is one of the leading studies linking standing work with reducing the risk of cardiovascular metabolic diseases.
When the blood sugar of patients with diabetes quickly returns to normal, their probability of dangerous symptoms will be reduced. Sitting for a long time after meals is associated with an increased risk of type 2 diabetes, so resuming some vertical exercise may help reduce overall injury.
As you can see, standing has many health benefits. It seems that the more people start to see these benefits, the more likely they are to choose electric desk as their preferred working state. Who can blame them?
Once I understand all of this, information about sitting posture and health seems to be everywhere. My colleague at the other end of the hall has been standing for many years. Even on foot, treadmill desks seem to be gaining popularity at their fastest pace.

Suspecting that if I stood up from the chair, my back problem might improve, I contacted the first person to tell me about standing up desk exercise. He took me to fezibo, where I spent a large amount of money on buying a standing workstation for use in my office on campus. You can also build your own standing l shaped desk at a reasonable cost. (Look here.)

The FEZIBO sitting and standing table frame is operated through a small plastic control panel. But some people may feel that it is too fragile. You may compare it with FEZIBO’s all metal frame structure. So the plastic control panel is very attractive. In my opinion, any fragile plastic material will make the desk look a bit cheap. But hey, this stand is very affordable. So I will give it. So standing desk small still very good. The control panel is sensitive, so it can work normally. You can use the up and down arrows to increase the height of the table. It also provides the default settings located on the right side of the panel. One of the best features is its height of 52.56 inches. So it is very suitable for tall people. Its high range makes it more flexible and versatile. So many people will find this table frame very comfortable. See more details about Fezibo 63 ‚height here.

Compared with Fezibo 63 ‚, only the Autonomous A2-A294 advanced dual motor electric standing desk is the best choice. Another stable and quiet standing table is from Flexispot. Their best-selling product is the standing computer desk stand with adjustable height, and the retail price here is very affordable. This is a single motor table frame. However, FEZIBO performs better in height adjustment. Flexispot frames can only reach a maximum of 47 inches. And it only includes an up and down arrow control panel. If you want a device with preset height adjustment settings, you need to upgrade it. The Flexispot electric standing desk is also relatively quiet during operation. And its transition is also very smooth.

FEZIBO offers a very affordable but „stable“ standing desk with drawers. Literally, there is no swinging or shaking. These devices are very durable and seem to last a long time. So many users don’t care whether technical support is outstanding in their work. If the table provides them with good service at a very cheap price, they will still buy a second table from FEZIBO.

Within a few weeks, I felt much better. My workstation is easy to move up and down, so I sit down, stand up, sit down, and stand up about 50 times a day. I often bend my knees, sometimes taking a few steps back from my ergonomic office chair, touching my toes and stretching them. Standing at work has changed my life in many ways. I no longer feel the inertia of sitting – I feel energetic most of the day. Moreover, whenever a new person enters my office, a huge conversation launcher is installed on my desk.

A few months later, I lost seven pounds. I didn’t do anything except move the monitor to the workstation. However, because I am currently fluctuating up and down all day, I may burn an additional 200 to 250 calories per day, as they say, which will accumulate over weeks and months.
Let me end with a ‚big idea‘. I suggest that the University of Arizona needs an ‚standing gaming desk‚. As an academic community, we aspire to do many great things. Why not aspire to become one of the healthiest workplaces in the country? If we stand up from the chair, it will be a big step forward.


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