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The inspection system and print inspection guarantee best results

The portfolio of BST has a huge range, besides the general inspection system and the print inspection. We comprises among others printing, converting, automation, color management and measurement, register control, web guiding and training courses. The web guiding system leads to precise and satisfying outcome. It controls the current position of the material web with one or more sensors. If the actual position is not equivalent to the target position, then the actuator corrects the position of the material web with almost no delay.

The ultra-modern quality control printing

Any issues of printing are exposed to a fast development of technology and science. For example the control algorithms by BST eltromat are suitable for all challenges of modern register control. The BST eltromat systems quickly and reliably counter malfunctions in register behavior with advanced measurement technology. It is easy to integrate the modularly constructed systems into new machines, without much effort. Through retrofits for existing systems the productivity of your machines will be increased. Furthermore there are short order set-up times, low material use through reduced waste in all printing phases, consistently high quality due to register consistency and exact adherence to all register tolerances.

Other skills apart the register control

Furthermore lastingness and sustentation are big models for BST. There must be an effectively reduced material use which we provide by using the right web monitoring. Therefore, waste is being avoided. At the same time, the production speeds of your company is increased. Print jobs become shorter and your production more efficient. Even during the development of your production, it must be constantly inspected to avoid failure. This solution is efficient and brings 100% inspection at any time.


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