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Fezibo Standing Desk for Optimizing Your Home Office Setup

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Still New to Corner Standing Desk?

Studies show that standing has many benefits, from burning calories to reducing back and neck pain. A good standing desk can help you get out of your chair so you’re not sitting all day.

„The rule of thumb is that too much sitting is going to shorten your life,“ Alan Hedge, a certified economist and professor in the Department of Design and Environmental Analysis at Cornell University said. During the workday, you should be doing a mixture of standing, sitting, and moving, if possible.

For this guide, we tested and researched several standing desks and standing desk converters. We spoke with experts and peers who use corner standing desk lines of products that offer unique upgrades on features, like faster height adjustment and anti-collision. Even at its maximum height, the desk’s engineering makes it stable and wobble-less. There’s even an ergonomic curve to maximize comfort for your arms and back. Not to mention room for customizable add-ons like a cable management bar or monitor arm.

If you’re new to standing, there are a few things we’ve learned over the years that we wish we’d known earlier. These tips can get you started the right way and make standing a sustainable part of your day at the office.

Ease Into it – Rarely does anyone form habits when they start or stop cold turkey. To avoid getting burnt out, or feeling fatigued, don’t force yourself to stand for long periods. Remember that movement and variability between sitting and standing are the key. Try sitting and standing in 20-minute intervals, working up to a maximum of an hour at a time. Also, see what duration works best for you.

Stretch and Move – Stretching and minor movement can help you avoid any soreness or pain as a new stander. Something as simple as rocking back and forth, or changing the foot you have your weight on can dramatically extend the amount of time you can stand. If you start to get sore, try stretching and focusing on your calves, hamstrings, and quads.

Consider Leaning Chairs or Stools – Leaning chairs are designed to be used with a standing desk and give you another position option rather than standing and sitting. You can vary your routine from sitting to standing, then to leaning. While it burns less energy than standing, it still helps you avoid the dangers of long periods of sitting and the back pain that can be associated with it.

Consider a Standing Mat – Standing does put more pressure on your ankle and knee joints than sitting, but choosing the right footwear or adding a standing mat can significantly help standing fatigue and improve comfort. Some standing mats even feature unique contours that give you more standing options beyond just two feet flat on the floor.

Use Quality Footwear – If you’re standing for a significant amount of time each day, it helps to wear quality footwear. Supportive footwear will help cushion your joints throughout your body and pairs well with a standing mat. If you wear formal attire at work, consider keeping a pair of shoes at your office to change into. Insoles can also be very effective.

Get an l shaped standing desk  – Standing all day just isn’t realistic. We only recommend standing for 4 hours a day at your desk, and not even continuously. This means you will still spend a lot of time sitting, and since sitting causes more stress on your back than standing, it’s very important to have an ergonomic and supportive chair. Look for good lumbar support, adjustable armrests, and adequate thigh support.

Adjustable Desk –  Installation Tips

Getting started with your new standing desk converter is fairly straightforward but consider the following tips as you’re unpacking your new desk.

Cable Slack – Unlike a normal, non-adjustable desk, you’ll need to account for the vertical and/or forward movement of your standing desk converter. Take some time to inspect your existing cables to ensure that you have enough slack to allow the desk to raise and lower without issue. We recommend at least 12 to 14 inches of slack in all cables running to the desktop surfaces. Keyboards may require even more slack since they are much further forward and the cable must be routed away from any moving parts.

Keyboard and Mouse Cable Routing – Depending on the type of standing desk converter you buy; this may be easy or difficult. Either way, you want to make sure any keyboard or mouse cables are routed away from any moving parts or areas where the cable could get caught and restrict the movement of the desk. This is an obvious tip, but it can be surprisingly easy to damage cables due to the spring force needed in order to make raising and lowering easy.

Your Existing Desk Depth – Carefully consider the depth of your desk and how it relates to the converter. Unlike a normal desk, with a converter, your keyboard area is a fixed location. This means that you should position the entire unit to optimize your typing location. For a standard depth desk, we’ve found that it’s almost always a good idea to have the rear edge of the converter close to flush with the rear edge of the desk.

Your Existing Desk Height – When adding a standing desk converter to your existing desk, consider the new height of your keyboard as it will likely be a minimum 3/4″ higher than it was before, even with the converter in its lowest position. This will require you to raise your chair slightly and in some cases a lot. Your monitors will also be 4 to 5″ higher than they previously were and may need to be lowered significantly.

Monitor Height – If you’re taking your existing monitors and moving them to your converter, you’ll likely have to lower them to account for the height of the converter. We also recommend experimenting with various monitor heights and chair heights to make sure that you maintain proper posture for both standing and sitting.

Best Budget Corner Sit Stand Desk  standing desk

Fezibo’s budget-friendly offering is spacious and sturdy, and assembly shouldn’t take any longer than an hour. While it lacks the customizations of the other two true standing desks in our guide, it’s more than appropriate for anyone who just wants a straightforward standing desk.

It lifts to your desired height at a smooth and quiet rate of one inch per second with a simple two-button push system. The desktop has enough space for two monitors, plus other items like supplies. And the overall desk quality is great.

The biggest drawback of the desk is that the assembly instructions aren’t clear and some parts don’t fit together as well as they should. Our advice is to take it slow and enlist a friend to help. Once you get past the assembly process, you’ll be able to enjoy the standing desk with little to no problem.

Electric Standing Desk – Improve Your Life

In addition to our own review process, we spend many hours reading and watching video reviews from users. While we may love a desk, it’s important to take the pulse of the ownership community since they are likely to bring up anything that we may have missed. We also try to maintain good relationships with manufacturers and frequently reach out if we have any questions about their products.

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