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For medical nutrition in high quality

Evonik looks beyond the product to create solutions for the challenges of today`s health care needs. With the production of great Health ingredients, the company takes care of the increasingly population`s health desires. The global population will exceed nine billion by 2050, this requires a high quality of nutrition worldwide. Evonik measures to the toughest quality standards and develops naturally occurring compounds with proven health benefits. This includes for example high-quality nutritional supplements and functional food. With these products, Evonik contributes to enhanced public health across the globe.

The production of special amino acids

Amino acids are needed for all nutritional applications. They are part of the most biochemical processes within the human body and play an essential role in overall health. Especially for infant and sport nutrition they are necessary. With highly purified amino acids, called REXIVA, Evonik contributes to the development of those products. The Rexiva brand guarantees highest quality standards and draws decades of Evonik expertise in the field of amino acids.

Ornithine take care of the human bodys health

Ornithine are just one of many amino acids, which are manufacturing by Evonik to the highest standards of purity. They help to reduce the ammonia in the human body. Often this is needed to counteract different liver diseases like tumors ore adverse reactions to medication. Evoniks familiarity with the product and processes, combined with technical know-how, is one of many advantages for customers.

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