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Getting to Know Chiang Mai
Chiang Mai is a small city located in the north of Thailand. It is said that 99% of people who come here will be intoxicated by the colorful life, beautiful scenery and rich experience here.
Brilliant flowers everywhere, centuries-old temples, unique northern Thai food, various interesting shops, afternoon tea, SPA massage… Low prices, colorful life, how to play in 3 days To this small town? What attractions are worth visiting? How to arrange the itinerary is reasonable? The following will tell you one by one.

1. Where is Chiang Mai
Chiang Mai is located in the north of Thailand, about 700 kilometers away from Bangkok, surrounded by mountains and forests, known as the „Northern Thailand Rose“. Chiang Mai is close to Myanmar, which makes it different from central and southern Thailand in terms of culture, architecture, and cuisine.

There are four ways to travel from Bangkok to Chiang Mai: plane, train, direct bus and self-driving.
1. Airplanes can choose to take cheap airlines such as AirAsia and Spring and Autumn. The one-way fare is between 100-600. There will be special tickets from time to time, and it will take about an hour to arrive.
2. Take the train at Hua Lamphong Railway Station, about 15 hours by car
3. Take a direct bus at the mochit bus station at Bangkok North Bus Station. The fare is about 100 RMB. There are buses to Chiang Mai every morning from 5:20 am to 22:00 pm.
4. As for self-driving, it takes about 9 hours from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. If you have enough time, you may wish to visit the towns along the way by self-driving.

Day 1 Ancient City Classic Tour
Attractions itinerary
1. Temples in the ancient city during the day (Chedilong Temple, Pasing Temple, Qingman Temple)-afternoon Suthep Mountain Shuanglong Temple-Nimman Road at night
2. Temples in the ancient city during the day (Chedilong Temple, Pasing Temple, Qingman Temple) – Ningman Road in the afternoon – Suthep Mountain Shuanglong Temple in the evening

DAY 2 Surrounding niche one-day tour
Attractions itinerary
1. Alice’s one-day trip to Tandong: Visit Paper Umbrella Craft Village (Paper Umbrella DIY Experience) – Go to Tandong Resort – „Thai Lost“ filming location to play (you can make tea pillows by yourself) – Coffee break afternoon tea – Return to Qing Mai city
2. One-day tour to Mae Rim Dreamland Mountain: play the jungle roller coaster – see the sea of flowers at Dreamland Mountain – lunch at the panoramic mountain resort – Mae Rim Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden – afternoon tea at Four Seasons Hotel – return to Chiang Mai
3. One-day tour of Mount Doi Inthanon: Zero-distance animal feeding small farm-Royal plan lunch-Top of Chiang Mai Doi Inthanon-Emperor Twin Towers in the Sky Garden-Refreshing Rainbow Waterfall-Internet celebrity green house afternoon tea-Return to Chiang Mai

DAY 3 local characteristic experience + SPA, night market
Attractions itinerary: Jungle Leap/Thai Cuisine/Elephant Camp/Aerial Flight-SPA-Visit Night Market
Features of the itinerary: experience the popular attractions in Chiang Mai, lament the authentic Thai SPA, and visit the night market at night, which is both Thai-style and relaxing.

It only takes 3 days to have such a colorful life.


Visiting temples, riding elephants, doing spas, watching ladyboy shows, playing Muay Thai and other scenes show the colorful life of Chiang Mai, a small city, in front of people.

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